How to Write an Essay on Weekly Activities & Describe Your Schedule

Tend to daily chores, attend an online class at noon, and later lounge with friends at the theatre. Listing your daily activities in your diary may seem to be quite an easy task. However, achieving this feat in your essay may not be as straightforward as jotting down your commitments.

When asked to describe your weekly activities essay, there are several considerations to make, unlike when writing these activities in an informal paper. As such, these forms of the essay are a daunting undertaking for many non-native speakers.

Being a common requirement for joining some colleges, you must master how to write an extracurricular activities essay. This article will highlight various tips to help you crush your essay on weekly activities. Without further ado, let’s dive into the topic.

Why do schools ask for an essay on daily activities?

Extracurricular activities essays are crucial to schools as they help the board determine the applicants’ communication skills, qualities, values, and experiences.

It is thus crucial to understand the scenarios where you have been asked for such an essay and the process for writing an essay on a daily routine. In some instances, the essay may be prompted with a statement like:

Briefly elaborate on an extracurricular activity that is of significance to you. 

Choosing the topic to write about in your essay on weekly activities

When asked to discuss your weekly activities, you should consider an eye-catching topic instead of a narration of all mundane undertakings that make up your day; as such, consider narrating a topic that you are passionate about or one that exposes your know-how in a specific field.

Also, consider the hallmark moments of your life. Doing this will allow you to commit time and focus to your paper, ensuring its brilliance. In many cases, consider highlighting a challenge and elaborate your role in solving the challenge in question.

Structuring a ‘my weekly activities’ essay

When writing an extracurricular essay, you should consider this approach.

  1. Identify a challenge you overcome

Since the goal of the extracurricular essay is to showcase your skills, it is crucial to show a moment where you apply these skills to solve a solution. First, start by building up to the issue and expounding why this specific achievement is valuable to you.

  1. Define the importance of the challenge

Next, define why this specific achievement is essential to you and the parties involved. Here, highlight various parties’ issues and your role in identifying, mitigating, and managing the issue.

Here, you may take the opportunity to showcase your proficiency with various skills that came into play to solve the issue at hand.

  1. Expound your role in overcoming a challenge

Next, elaborate on the approach towards solving the issue and various issues you faced before troubleshooting and rectifying the issue. Here, you may consider showcasing various issues you tried to fix and why you considered these necessary in solving the overall problem.

  1. Define the lesson you picked from the experience

Finally, define the lesson you gained from experience and define how it will define your future endeavors.

Tips for writing an essay on your daily routine

  • Use an active voice to clearly show your achievements and the highlights of your week/day.
  • Avoid being too wordy when describing various events. Limit your work to the key moments that led to realizing the solution to the challenge under discussion.
  • Outline your work to gain flow and gauge various issues that require additional information to ensure the completeness of your essay.

Final Take

Writing an essay on weekly activities does not cause you tons of stress. These tips should come in handy to help you prepare your paper and ensure that you appeal to the admissions board.

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