EIW 2014 Curriculum Information


Curriculum format varies slightly from year-to-year, and the specific schedule of events has not been finalized for 2014. This website will be updated as the schedule develops, so check back often.

Over the course of a week you will have twelve (12) lectures, five (5) special luncheon speakers, five (5) nights of coaching by guest and resident faculty, one (1) local innovation center site visit, two (2) preliminary presentations to the EEC board, one (1) competition presentation, and a fantastic entrepreneurial experience.

Consider yourself immersed!

Are there any rules for the Business Concept?

In the course of the week each team is to develop a Business Concept for competitive presentation on Friday morning. A Business Concept in this sense is a thought out idea, reflecting student creativity and appropriate ideas gleaned from the week’s presentations, limited research, team working sessions and, finally, contact with entrepreneurs. It is not a Business Plan with full Pro- Formas, detailed Market Research, etc. However, it should be a credible idea for a new business which follows certain guidelines.

Business ideas must be original and cannot be something that a student has developed prior to Immersion Week and/or already used in a classroom presentation, competition or similar activity for evaluation or feedback.

A more complete description of the guidelines is presented here.

What about the competition itself?

We will adhere to a tight timeframe: 8 minutes for presentations, and 4 minutes for Q&A. There will be 3 minutes transition breaks between presentations. There will be a timekeeper in the room who will let the presenters know when they have 5 minutes, 2 minutes and 30 seconds remaining. The presenters will be stopped at 8 minutes. The Q&A section will also be limited to 4 minutes per group. The timekeeper will give a 1 minute warning. Each team will determine which teammates speak during the presentation.

The judges will be provided with a rubric to be used as a guideline. However, they can add in their own criteria as they see fit. The decision of the business concept competition judges is final.

Is there any homework or are there exams?

The only homework is the work your team will embark on night after night in your Suites as you go through the process of "Imagine! Invent! Implement!" in crafting a Business Concept for the Friday competition. And, exams? Well, no, not in the conventional sense of a traditional university exam. But you will have an experiential "exam" presenting to our professional panel of judges on Friday!

Where will classes be held?

Classes will be held in College of Arts and Science Building, right across from the Honors dorm. A Campus map is located here.

Click here to see the week's agenda at a glance.

You still haven't answered my question, where do I go?

Many final details will be handed out at the time of registration, but in the meantime, please contact your school’s EEC Director with any questions. Also check the FAQ.

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